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Cheerleaders often excel at things outside of the world of cheerleading, like school, jobs, and other sports, clubs, and hobbies. This is because cheerleading instills a strong work ethic. Cheerleaders are high achievers because cheerleading teaches these five key traits:


  1. Commitment. In cheerleading, you show up to practice, games, competitions, and any other events rain or shine. You don’t get to miss practice just because you “aren’t feeling it” that day. You show up and do what’s required of you no matter what

  2. Dependability. Another reason you show up and give your best day in and day out even when you’d rather stay in bed and listen to Taylor Swift is because you have teammates counting on you. When you miss practice, the whole team suffers. The squad can’t practice the full routine, and your stunt group can’t work on stunts if you aren’t there.

  3. Responsibility. In cheerleading, you have to be at practices and games/competitions on time (which, according to your coach, is actually 15 minutes early). This goes for other cheer events as well. If you aren’t prepared for the homecoming pep rally, you’re going to have a lot of disappointed students waiting on you. Of course, this wouldn’t happen, because you are prepared and ready to go. Cheerleading teaches you to be where you need to be at the time you’re supposed to be there and to be prepared for whatever you’re doing, whether it’s a halftime routine, a sign for a parade, or a fundraising booth at a community event. You are responsible for these events going off as planned.

  4. Accountability. Cheerleaders have to work hard because they always have people watching them. Whether it’s a little girl in the stands who wants to be a cheerleader herself someday, a school administrator, a community member, or another teammate, cheerleaders are leaders and representatives. Being role models and giving back to their schools and communities put cheerleaders in the public eye where they work hard to fulfill their roles and be the best they can be!

  5. Difficulty. News flash: Cheerleading is hard! It’s not a sport you can just show up to and be good at, no matter who you are. Being a successful cheerleader takes a lot of hard work and dedication. 

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